Hi guys! My name is Renée. I am Chinese, but based in U.S. I love fashion, beauty and traveling. This is my website. Here, I will talk about basically everything I love, such as, fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I also have a YouTube channel called Renée V. Chen, where I post videos every single week! 

Contact me: reneevchen@gmail.com 

More About Me

 I was born and raised in China, and always a lover of art. In 2011 I moved to U.S and started studying here. During all those years in the U.S, I found myself attracted to the beautiful world of fashion and beauty. I just love it! I am currently a fashion design student and I always wanted to help the girls all around the world on fashion and beauty. Therefore, I decided to start a YouTube channel and talk about those things. I also decided to create my own website, so I can share even more things to you guys.  

Lots of Love,

Renée Viviana. Chen