My Combination Skin Savior- Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+

Recently, I have been struggling with finding a good winter moisturizer. My skin gets super grumpy when it's this time of the year. I have tried at least 10 different moisturizers for the past few months, and none of them worked well. They might work for certain things, but I just couldn't find one that does it all. However, after all that searching, I finally found one! It is the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+. 

When I first look at this product, I was scared by its color. Yes, this moisturizer is a yellow moisturizer. It does sound strange right? But don't worry, it doesn't show the color when you apply it. Different than the regular moisturizers, this one's texture is not thick and sticky at all. It's almost like a gel. I guess this is probably why my skin absorbs it so fast. 


Do you guys have hard to deal T-zone? Well, I do! Sometimes it gets really oily, but sometimes it's also super dry. After I started to use this amazing thing, these annoying problems are all gone! The moisturizer maintains the moisture balance for my dry and sometimes oily skin. So now I have a happy T-zone. 

If you have dry combination skin, this is the one you should go for. But if you have oily skin, the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel is the one for you. I have tried that one, it's great as well. The only down side of this product is the scent. I don't know how to describe it, it's just a funny scent. But it doesn't bother me. Overall, I love this product! 

Urban Decay Naked 2 Eye Shadow Palette Review

If I had to live on an island, and could only bring one eye shadow palette, without a doubt it would be the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette! This is my all time favorite. It helps me to create a lot of different looks. You can use the palette for daily uses and also for special occasions. 


There are 12 colors in this palette. The first color is called Foxy. It's a creamy champion color with a matte finish. Because it's the lightest color in this palette, I use it as a highlighter. 


Right next to Foxy, is a golden bronze color called Half Baked. Since it does have shimmer in it, I recommend using it as a top coat. I was using this color as the top color for a Christmas Party. It definitely gives your eyes a glam pop! 

Moving on to the next color. This is the third color in the palette called Bootycall. This is a peachy color with a little bit of shimmer add into it. You can use it as a base color and also a highlighter. 

The next color is my personal favorite. It's a purpleish copper kind of color with sliver glitter in it, name Chopper. This color gives more definition to my look but it doesn't go overboard. If one day you wake up in the morning and feel like "I want to add a little something to my look!" This color is definitely the one to go for! 

We are almost half way through the palette! The fifth color is a matte pale brown. You can use this color to contour your eye creases to build more definition. However, it's not just a contour color! If I am in a rush, I will just do a quick sweep on the lids using this color. 

In the middle of this palette is a metallic dark brown with shimmer in it. The name of this beautiful color is called Snake Bite. I don't really like the name by the way. In my opinion, the name is a little scary but the color is not scary at all! Anyways, back to the palette. I will say that this color is definitely a "night out" color. It's perfect for smoky looks. What I usually do is focusing on putting the color on the outer corner of my eyes. And then blend in with the other colors. 

The next color is called Suspect. This is a shimmering pale golden beige color. The effect of this color is similar to Chopper. You can use it daily. When it comes to special occasions, I like to use it with Snake Bite. I mostly just focus on putting the color in the center of my lids, and blend it with Snake Bite. The two together is just so gorgeous! I love it! 

A little different than all the other colors, Pistol is a sliverish brown with glitter add in. It's the eighth color in the palette. I usually like to use this color on the inner corner of my eyes. It definitely brightened up my eyes. You can always use it as a top coat color as well. 

Right beside Pistol is Verve. Verve is a creamy pale champion color with a shimmering finish. Just like Pistol, it's another unique color for the inner corner of your eyes. This color is placed in between Pistol and YDK (which I will talk about in a second). It blends in with both of colors. So yes, I like it a lot! 

Now, let's talk about YDK! This gorgeous color, in my words is like the combination of Chopper and Tease. It's a little bit darker than Chopper, and it's a shimmering version of Tease. Does that make sense? This color is perfect for a Valentine's Day look. It gives you that flirty look. 

Moving on to the second last color, which is a dark brown with a little bit of shimmer. You can use this color as a contour color. It's paler than Snake Bite, but you can use the same technique as you use Snake Bite. 

Finally, we are on the last color. The last color is just a matte black called Blackout. Now, this is for sure a smoky eye color. When I use it, I just mainly focus on the outer corner and blend that in with whatever color I am using on the lids. 

The packaging of this eye shadow palette was actually inspired by those art school tins. The first time I saw this palette, I actually thought it was a pencil tin. Haha! It contains a nice and wide mirror. The mirror helps you to have a closer look to your eyes. There is also a shadow/crease brush in this palette. Overall, this is just a great palette. You can get in Sephora for $54.00. I think it's worth to spend my money on this awesome palette!